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Tow Services | Professional Towing and Roadside Assistance in Hazel Park, Michigan

If your vehicle breaks down in or near our location in Hazel Park, Michigan, and you can’t get the car started then we are on hand to give you a tow back to safety.

There is nothing worse than the car conking out in the middle of nowhere with no service station for miles. Make sure that when it happens to you that you contact the most reliable and professional service in the business.

At Savaya Auto Service Inc. we operate a towing service from 9am to 6pm seven days a week. If you need emergency towing outside these hours we can arrange for a friend who offers 24/7 towing to come and pick you up. The truck we use is a flatbed and we can carry any vehicle up to eight thousand pounds.

We charge a very reasonable cost - $35 for the hook-up fee and $4 a mile – although the hook-up depends on the distance we have to travel. If we have to go a good bit outside of our area then the cost will be $45.

If you are driving a box van or a motorcycle we will not be able to tow the vehicle but we can make contact with someone we know who does tow motorcycles. We do tow junk cars but the owner will need to be there with paperwork to enable us to get the job done.

In some cases the owner or driver of a vehicle will need a ride home when we are carrying out a towing operation and we will always do our best to accommodate this.

So if you are anywhere near Hazel Park when your vehicle comes to a complete stop and can’t be restarted than we will get our towing vehicle out. We are local, affordable and professional so contact Savaya Auto Service Inc. on (248) 579-5424 and let us bring you home.